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Go Solar? 

With the constant increase in electricity rates by investing in a solar energy system now, you can protect against future increases in electricity costs.


Renewable Energy Rebates

Potential incentives from island's utility company to purchase unused electricity, increase property value, Government Income Tax Rebate.

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Our online support is available 24 hours a day to answer your every question and help you solve any issues you may have with our products.

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We provide a variety of payment methods that include Bank  Wire Transfer,  Visa/Mastercard/American Express and lots of others.

A Few Words About Us

In 2019, Prosolar246 Inc. was founded by Kyle John Albert. A passionate entrepreneur with a strategic vision for sustainable development, who was fascinated with the growth and potential of the renewable energy sector.After two years of research and development, he decided it was time to form a company, and ProSolar246 Inc. was created. The company’s primary product offering is the sale of renewable energy systems for residential, commercial customers, and large-scale Renewable Energy development. Prosolar246 Inc. has committed to the development of this sector by playing its role to assist renewable energy growth through the development and implementation of energy solutions to support green business growth in Barbados. As the country moves closer towards its stated goal of a 100% Renewable Barbados by 2030.

Panel Installation

So far, there’ve been more than 4 million solar systems installed on the rooftops across the US, and most of them were performed by our qualified experts.

Energy Storage

Having solar panels gives you a great advantage in saving energy for your own purposes. Having such an energy storage also allows you to be independent of blackouts.

Panels for Sale

We provide high-quality solar panels at affordable prices to our every client in the US. Our company is also opened to cooperation with foreign industry partners.

Commercial Panels

If you need solar panels installed for commercial purposes, our company is ready to offer you professional environment-friendly solutions on your business's requests.



In September 2020, Prosolar246 Inc. successfully installed a 3.8Kwp photovoltaic system at my residence located in St George. I was very much impress with the quality of service provided in the installation of all equipment for my system .The system has provided on average $180.00-200.00bds in energy saving per monthly “I have been wanting to go to renewable for years but prices in the market where very high making it difficult. “I’m happy Prosolar 246 Inc. was able to provide a solution at great price and it meets my expectation in terms of my monthly estimated renewable energy saving’s. We would surely recommend Prosolar 246 Inc. as a preferred installation company for anyone looking to install a photovoltaic system at their residence.

Daledrey Barrow


In November 2020, Prosolar246 successfully installed a 5KW photovoltaic system at my residence located at Lot 16 Palmers Land, Sealy Hall, St. John. This work involved the installation of all equipment and systems on the pitched roof. The quality of service provided was exemplary with all work executed in a timely manner and within budget. I found Prosolar246 to be reliable, thorough and they ably catered to my family's needs. I would highly recommend Prosolar 246 for similar work at a residential or commercial level. If you would like any additional information, please feel free to call or email me at your convenience.

Heather Farrell-Clarke

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